Barbers & Booze

Our Team

Our team at the Bar.Ber.Shop focuses on quality, not quantity. We are 100% about the experience. Our team consists of cosmetologists, stylists, and barbers to meet your grooming needs.

Intoxicants & Entertainment

Our services include an option with or without a drink. Choose from our selection of hard spirits or beer while you wait for your haircut or afterwards before you leave. Pro tip: Do before and after. Also enjoy our free pool table, numerous televisions and music entertainment.
Whippersnapper Cut (12 and under)
Frank Lucas (Buzz Cut)
Jimmy Conway (Haircut)
Tony Montana (FaceShave)
Tommy Devito (RazorFade)
John McClane (HeadShave)
Vito Corleone (Haircut & Face Shave)
Father & Son Special

Top Notch Barbers

Whether you’re looking for a barber to get a straight edge shave, a cosmetologist to take care of your eyebrows or a stylist for a long hair style, we got you covered from end to end.


At the Bar.Ber.Shop we are much more than just a haircut. We are an experience. A dude getaway. Come over after work, get some drinks at our bar. Play some pool with your friends, watch the game. And of course bad ass haircuts.

Professional Staff

We take pride in your hair and providing the best service possible.


You won't find any old magazines here. Enjoy our full bar, free pool table, pin ball and packman machines and various televisions while you're here.

Comfortable Seating

Comfy leather couches and leather bar stools while you wait.


Enjoy our specialty drinks and cold hard brews. We carry local beers, IPA's, Mexican lagers and other seasonal shit to meet your alcoholic needs.

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